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Walker News - Update
Final update: July 30, 2007

Welcome to June Edition of the News

This month was busy both at work and home as the back yard reseeding got underway. Pam and Millie did a getaway in Deadwood and paid a visit to stonefaces.

To view more Cody, checkout his Cody's Corner page.

June 8, 2007

Pam & Millie's great gambling adventure to Deadwood, in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

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June 16, 2007

Another Father Day's breakfast with Melissa and Karl at The Perfect Landing Restaurant. The activities on the flightline, show that wealth and privilege are ways to avoid the TSA lines.

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Centennial Airport showcased the Aluminum Overcast this Father's day offering private flights as we watched during breakfast. Melissa and Karl returned later in the afternoon to view this magnificent B-17 during the ground tour.

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View the digital aircraft slide show, by Paul Filmer at Centennial Airport, June 15-17, 2007

June 23, 2007

Saturday June 23rd, was the big Storage Array upgrade at work. This comprised of performing a hardware upgrade changing our current EMC CLARiiON CX600 into a CX3-80 model. Sixty host servers would lose access to their storage and were shutdown. The servers ran from AIX, HP-UX, Linux to VMware. The majority of our short staffed department was onsite that day to share the pain.

This was an in place hardware upgrade, but required an additional 1U battery that must be installed at the bottom of the rack. To obtain the additional 1U space, required the guide rails for the storage processor and nine disk array units(DAE2) had to be moved up 1U each. The hardware upgraded also required the swap out of the old CX600 storage processor (embedded NT), to the new CX3-80 (embedded XP). The process started around 7:30am Saturday and finally finished round 1:30am Sunday morning.


Cisco MDS9120 & MDS9124

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