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Walker News - Update
December 2007

Welcome to December Edition of the News

This Christmas season, our son Shannon and granddaughter Taylor were able visit. Christmas day was definitely special, as we were able to watch our granddaughter open presents and enjoy a special Christmas dinner gathering with our family.

Taylor and Cody's corner have both been updated for December.

December 3, 2007

The first monday of the month became a long 16 hour day, as one of our MDS9120 fabric switches in the data center was replaced.

December 8-9, 2007

Supporting high availability clients on occasion, require planned downtime and on this Sunday morning required losing sleep. The remote VPN connection was not released until 5am, at which time I crawled into bed to grab a few hours sleep.

Refreshed after several hours sleep, and alert enough to drive Pam and Millie to the Heritage Square Music Hall to attend the From Rags to Riches show and Christmas review.

December 14-15, 2007

Friday evening driving home, looking forward to dinner and the cell phone rings. Another VPN remote support activity that goes until 4am Saturday that kicks off my weekend!

December 21-25, 2007

Shannon and Taylor arrive Thursday evening, and for the next six days became a blur of activities

Pam organized each day's fun filled activities, which kept Taylor busy. Friday was bug day at the Butterfly Pavilion, whereas Saturday was the family photo shoot, along with brunch and Amazinging Jakes fun center. Sunday, Taylor checked out the divers at Casa Bonita and spent Christmas eve dinner with Melissa and Karl.

Christmas Day with Taylor was a treasure, as we all shared in her excitement as she opened her presents.


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