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Walker News - Update
September 2006 updates

Welcome to September's Edition of the Walker News

September was a fast and busy month, with a week long trip to Las Vegas to attend IBM's Technical University, which included a weekend get away with Pam, and visiting friends in the Vegas area.

The bathroom remodeling continued with 95% completion on the 30th, with the vanity top and faucets installed. Yes, actual running water after three months!

Plus, don't forget to check Cody's pics for September!

September 2, 2006

Time to install the Estate Vanity Cabinet by RSI. As the old saying goes, "read the manual first"....

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September 9, 2006

Measure once, measure twice, measure three times and more. The 88"x22" vanity top was finally ordered on this day, from Home Depot. This will be a cultured marble top, with double bowls made by MarCraft Inc. in Douglas, GA. The next several weeks, I keep wondering if the measurements were either too long or too short?

September 10, 2006



Week of September 10th, attended the IBM System p, AIX 5L and Linux Technical University which was held Caesars Palace Las Vegas. The best corporate rate was a two mile walk from the MGM Grand to Caesars, each day! The cool morning air was pleasant at 6:30, whereas the late afternoon walk was somewhat warm. The early morning walks with Cody the past year kept me in shape, but this was a faster pace, and my shoes were somewhat lacking in comfort. Due to the full course breakfast included with the conference, the walk was a must!

The conference week also afforded the opportunity study each evening and the results paid off as two more certifications were added to my portfolio that included the latest OS and networking requirements for AIX

September 16, 2006

Pam came in on the 15th to enjoy a long weekend together. On Saturday we experienced Indian cuisine at Gandhi with friends in the Vegas area.



Steve poses, next to a Fotiallian at the Star Trek Experience in Las Vegas.


The following was staged and choreographed by Tina, to simulate what it would be like if she did work?

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September 17, 2006

Pam's favorite, the Fountains of the Bellagio Las Vegas


September 24, 2006

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The final two inch spacers are stained and placed on both side ends of the vanity that afternoon



September 30, 2006

The 88"x22" double bowl cultured marble vanity top was mounted Wednesday evening!

I do want to extend a thank-you to my friend Larry, for his help in wrestling the counter top into the back of his pick-up at Home Depot, and to it's eventual resting place on the vanity. This definitely required our muscle maneuvering over hundred pounds.

Precision handling was attemped as we navigated down the hallway, with a tilt into bathroom doorway of only 80" in height was somewhat amazing. This was a chore, as we fought to balance the up and down movements and sway of this beast (expletive) as it was finally guided into place.

Yes, the measurements were right on, with only an eighth of inch of clearance minus the wall gouge and door trim oops. Saturday, the peerless faucets, drain and water line were connected with water finally flowing after three months!

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