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Welcome to March Edition of the News
Final update: April 8, 2006

March, hmm must've been real BORING, since I'm having a difficult time trying write about something of interest? But here goes....

Pam has been putting in the hours at Tax Savers II this month! But the added income will come in handy, as we've made our vacation plans for May. Yes, that's right we will be flying out to the San Francisco May 3rd visiting our extended family on both sides along with taking in the sights in the SF area and a drive up north on highway 101 and on into Eureka.

Work, what can I say it's always been busy in the IT area, and that will never change as we shoulder more, with the same staffing levels. Squeeze that productivity envelope as much as possible.........! Case in point, the data center maintenance window has now been changed from Tuesday evenings to Friday. Yes, that's Friday evening! Hmm, you may ask why Friday? That's because the company I work needs to ensure that productivity can be maintained globally. That means it's Saturday in India and it's their off day!

The new computer buildout has been running real good, and if you want to read more just select the link to the left.

Cody's corner has been updated with more pictures for February and March, make sure you check it out!

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