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Welcome to January Edition of the News
Final update: February 9, 2006

January has been above normal, with temps occasionally into the 60s, but a few days of snow have dusted the front range just to remind us of winter. Cody and I still get our walks in but we do skip those slippery days! Don't forget to check out Cody's January 2006 pics!

The PC budget finally came together, and the last of the major parts were ordered this month! Check the PC buildout link for further details of this endeavor!

pic The company I work for skipped the traditional holiday Party in December and instead a Winter party was held January 27th at the Wings Over the Rockies Air & Space Museum on the former grounds of the old Lowry AFB. This was a unique event to say the least, and was only a few miles from where we live. The event featured the Nostalgia Orchestra, a 18 piece swing band for the first few hours and ending with the Chris Daniels & Kings Band

The acoustics of the old Lowry hangar had its own quality as the Bands music bounced off the static aircraft displays which included a USAF B1A Lancer Bomber. The B52 parked in the front of the museum entrance did remind me of my days as a SAC warrior at Grand Forks AFB. But alas, no static display of the old AGM-69A could be found in the museum that I used to work on in those glory days of SAC!

B1A Lancer    ALCM AGM-86B

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