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Welcome to April Edition of the News
Final update: April 29, 2006

April, just another busy month...

Pam prepared another fine Easter dinner in which we celebrated on the 16th with our family.

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The annual tax appreciation dinner that Pam's boss treats the staff and spouses was held at the The Denver Jet Center on second floor in The Perfect Landing Restaurant at the Centennial Airport on the 19th. This was a unique atmosphere to say the least, with a exceptional dinner. The restaurant is well known and Shari Valenta writes a review of Perfect Landing in the August edition of the Airport Journals.

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Pam and I finialized our California vacation during the month of April. Be sure to check back next month for May's edition which will include vacation pictures?

Pam stays busy as a weekly Tuesday morning H2U volunteer at the gift shop in The Medical Center of Aurora. The 27th Pam and her Mom Millie had the opportunity to go on a H2U outing bus trip to Colorado Springs to visit Focus on the Family campus and tour the Air Force Academy.

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