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Walker News - Update
October 14, 2005

Welcome to September Edition of the News

September was a busy month for the family. Cody passed the AKC Canine Good Citizen test on September 8th, and on the 10th we celebrated Cody's first birthday!.

Dad and Delia drove in from California and arrived from their two day trek on the 16th. This was their first opportunity to meet Cody, and they both became attached to our four legged critter! Cody especially enjoyed the morning walks with Dad during their stay! This was also Delia's first introduction to our daughter Melissa and son-in-law Karl. Oh, I just want to mention to Dad and Delia that the the young newly weds enjoyed the spin around the block in the Kompressor.

Their stay was only for a few days, as they continued on to Lyons on Tuesday. The following Friday September 23rd, Pam and I met up with Dad and Delia visiting the Walker clan.

The Lyons Fair in the Square was in full swing Saturday morning as grandma introduced her grandson to everyone as we walked arm-in-arm checking out the booths with their unique arts and crafts, looking for that special pecan pie! This also gave us the opportunity to spread the word, that Dad would be playing his trumpet during services in grandma's Presbyterian church the next day!

Saturday afternoon, I found myself as Aunt Karran's PC support technician, getting her familiar with the broadband internet connection experience. This was a somewhat slow and painful process, but alas was only short lived, as it met it's demise a week later and would've been sooner if Billytwostep was around?

The autumn weather was nice late saturday afternoon as grandma watered the plants, as Dad entertained everyone in the backyard during one of his practice sessions. Dad's trumpet solo Sunday morning was first rate, which grandma's church family all enjoyed.

Monday morning we said goodbye to our family, and headed west on that long drive back to Colorado. The short time we did spend in my childhood town of Lyons is always special. Pam and I want to also extend a warm thank-you to Reatha and Larry for their bed -n (without the breakfast) hospitality, and look forward to obtrude again in the near future!

Ok, your scanning down this webpage wondering about the big easel Van Gogh's painting. This was discovered in part by this wandering I-70 westward bound traveler looking for a lunch time establishment in the town of Goodland Kansas. Yes, it was quite impressive and maybe Shannon will reach such heights in his artist career. Just click on the picture to learn more about this impressive painting how it came about it's adopted home in this western Kansas town!

I've put it off to long, it's time that I built my own PC! Check the link on the left as I'll document this grand endeavor!

September 28, 2005

Dad and Delia Say goodbye to Colorado

Cody misses grandpa video(13MB download)

September 26, 2005


Saying Goodbye

September 25th, 2005

First Presbyterian Church Trumpet

Trumpet1 video1 (16MB download)

Trumpet2 video (23MB download)

September 24th, 2005

Simba and shoes

Grandma and her Flowers

Trumpet practice

Inside Rice County Court House

Fair on the Square: Lyons, Kansas

September 20th, 2005

Dad, Cody and Delia

September 10th, 2005

Cody Birthday Party

September 8, 2005

Cody passes AKC Canine Good Citizen test

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