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Walker News - Update
November 19, 2005

Welcome to October Edition of the News

This month's theme for Pam and her sister Valarie and mom Millie, is planes, trains and automobiles! Yes, all three modes of transportation, from the flight out to Newark, train ride into New York City and a ten hour drive to Oklahoma!

But before I get into their cross country travels, I do want to mention we are now into the month of November and with the holiday season not far behind! That means December's holiday edition will feature a recap of the past year's activities that will be more in-depth than the typical snail mail edition I've put out years before! The web edition will reference via links to the past monthly web postings of the News. This holiday edition will be a treat for the color mouse click impaired of our readers, who missed that green text to additional web content. Beginning with Feburary edition of 2006, only a running archive of the last twelve months will be available. So, enjoy the holiday edition with its links to each month for 2005.

Besides planes trains and automobiles, don't forget to check updates on Taylor and Cody's corner.

Think snow, and that's what happened October 10th! This was a wet heavy snow storm and a tree limb breaker that befell the Denver metro area. Several of my trees were some what bowed and branches broken by this storm!

Pam's cousins, Terrie and Michele, were in from California and stayed with their aunt Millie the first week of October and enjoyed the visit!

The 14th-16th of the month, Pam was back east with her mom and sister as I stayed home keeping an eye on Cody. The trip marked a special occasion, designated as parents's weekend for incoming freshmen as Valarie's son, David, attends USMA. This was a fun weekend, as David became tour guide for the family walking the academy grounds of this 200 year old institution full of history!

Pam wants to extend a thank you to Emily and her family, as they were personal guides from Newark airport on a very rainy Friday evening.

October 21, 2005


Jasmine Moran Children's Museum

October 16, 2005

Ground Zero - New York

October 15, 2005

West Point

October 14, 2005

West Point

October 10, 2005

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