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Walker News - Update
December 4, 2005

Welcome to November Edition of the News

November is always a busy month for the family, with our anniversary, birthday's and Thanksgiving. Plus this month included a fun project of painting the living/dining/hallway ceilings, as Cody assumed the role of supervisor and fulfilled this position by sleeping on the job!

New Cody pics have been posted on his webpage and new links added to the resource page with general overall website cleanup. Please note that additional transparent changes to the website will happen for December's holiday edition in the next two weeks? What does mean to you? Not much except you need to report those dead links/pics that are missing, which I know you'll encounter on the site!

Ok, it's early December so you better start thinking about all that fun shopping which needs to be done in the next several weeks? Get those Christmas cards signed and snail mailed out! Snail mail, why it's the 21st century, just do an ecard, they are the best! Why, because it gives you more time for the fun things, like enjoying that cool brew while watching football on your widescreen HDTV. The softer side may prefer that eggnog Dove bar combo and chick flick instead? Look at all this free time you'll be enjoying, and you haven't even done your Christmas shopping yet! No hurry on the ecards, as we become so busy with all the hustle and bustle we forget. Don't worry, snail mail had its problems "the check is in the mail" and we got one that's just as good for us online folks! Check for the excuse in December's edition.

Keep checking the WalkerNews, as the December's holiday edition will be posted real soon! Don't miss this edition, as it will be a feature packed relinks of this past year's activities, from weddings, family trips and all other things in between.

November 25, 2005

The day after Thanksgiving presented a better view, as the sun's rays reflected off of Mount Evans and the following picture was captured during our walk.
Today also known as black friday kicked off the holiday season, as Pam ran across a cute outfit for Cody and you'll need to visit his corner to view this.

November 24, 2005

Thanksgiving started early as Cody and I did our early morning walk over to Mountain View Park. The view of the mountains vary from one day to the next and I've included a few for your review.

November 20, 2005

Celebrated another birthday this month, that yearly passage of age which we now all dread. Where does the time go, as we fondly remember the time when we were a kid and a year took a full year, but now they seem to go by in quarters? Yes, more likely I've lost my recollection of the passing time and that why we seem to age before who time. Age is nice for gaining wisdom but not the body!

November 4, 2005

November is our anniversary month as Pam and I celebrated the 4th with a evening get-away. The next day attended a Country Dinner Playhouse production of Disney's Beauty and the Beast which we enjoyed!

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