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March 6, 2005

Welcome to March Edition of the News

Dad and Delia, our honeymoon couple are back safe from their ten day adventure in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Dad said it was a vacation in paradise, and enjoyed the stay at the Esperanza Resort.

The honeymoon pics will be posted on their website as soon as the love birds can figure out the scanner, and how to do an email attachment! But in the mean time Pam and I have scanned in the negatives from the pictures we took during the wedding and will get a few of these added to Dad's wedding page in the very near future.

Weddings, Weddings and on to the next one!

The preperations have been going on and Pam has been running herself ragged trying to be the all in one "Wedding Planner". Pam's been doing a terific job as Melissa and Karl have all teamed together in this grand adventure.

The engagement pictures are in, and dear Dad has finished scanning the negatives. These will also be posted to the website as soon as dear Dad can find some time to design a wedding page!

Cody's Corner has been updated!

This is another on going project as I've reorganized the pics and included a link with his twin brother! Also, if you look close enough you'll seen one with his mother in the pic. Right now, I've finished November and will slowly add the additional months as I go.


Technology Services Inc. has been registered as a domain name and will become my IT consulting page.

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