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Walker News - Update
June 25, 2005

Welcome to June Edition of the News

Here we are, ending the third week of June, and July is just around the corner. Checkout Melissa and Karl's wedding page and review the professional wedding pictures. These were scanned in before the RX500 ended up in the Epson hospital last month. The latest on the patient, is a new motherboard will be installed the later half of July. So, all scanning has been put on hold! Also, Cody's Corner and the Resource Links page have been updated! Pictures that you see on the website can with a single click display a larger size. -enjoy

Started out the day this Saturday morning with my daughter Melissa taking me out to breakfast. But, the rest of the day was spent in physical labor putting in a new post for the gate on the northside of the house. Yes, the base where the post went into the concrete had broke and the wind would cause the gate and a eight foot section of fencing to swing. Last Sunday afternoon, my son-in-law Karl was over and we were able to dig the old concrete stump out of the ground. But today I was alone, and got the new post up and the concrete poured.

Pam was busy this week as she volunteered for VBS activities! Also this week was the kick off for the first day of summer, which was special as Uncle Garry was in Denver on business. We all enjoyed the visit Uncle! (thanks for dinner/breakfast!).

Yes, Pam and I are looking forward to the last day of this month, as we will be taking the old grandma car on a road trip to visit our grand-daughter and son in the Salt Lake area.

June 18, 2005

Today was a half day in the office, and this was required for SAN maintenance. The EMC CLARiiON flarecode was applied without problems, but the 431 PowerPath that we applied to our HP-UX NFS server had to be backed out. The prior release was good enough and we were out of there in four hours. So, the whole Saturday was not lost after all.

Later that Saturday evening we attended a surprise birthday party for Marsha, who joined the half-century club! It was fun, catching up on old Harvest care group family!

June 15, 2005

Cody and I had just left the house for a early evening walk and my neighbor across the street had just fired up the old Case 1919 tractor that he's been rebuilding. Ran back into the house and grab my camera and capture the following video clips, just listen to that old engine run!

CASE 1919 Tractor video1 (3.6MB download)

CASE 1919 Tractor video2 (7.3MB download)

CASE 1919 Tractor video3 (3MB download)

CASE 1919 Tractor video4 (5MB download)

June 10, 2005

Today I found myself on the sleepy side, due to an early morning client hospital AIX OS upgrade! The past several evenings have encompassed additional VPN client support on top of my duties as a storage administrator. Dear Dad the plumber was able to grab a few hours sleep, before heading over to Melissa and Karl's condo to replace the kitchen sink cold water shutoff valve. The shutoff value would not stop dripping from last months sink install. This also required a longer riser tube to the sink and reinstall of the saddle valve for the ice maker. Melissa and Karl were relieved that their personal plumber didn't end up on the local Fox News as handy man floods condo complex!

The latest news from the Epson hospital, requires a brain motherboard transplant. The surgery is on hold until a med vac flight can be scheduled for the brains arrival, sometime next week. That puts off the additional wedding color negative scans for a while. Check back later for the updates to Melissa and Karl's wedding, reception and honeymoon pics. The wedding party camera pictures are back from Sam's Club, but the prints look better than the scans to CD that they provide. Hmm, I'm puzzled on why, but will wait until Epson returns with a new brain and perform a color negative scan for comparison.

June 4, 2005

Today was the U-haul move of Pam's sister Valarie to her new condo in highlands Ranch. It rained!

May 28, 2005

The love birds are back from their eastern Caribbean honeymoon, and now were into the month of June!!

The last several weeks after the wedding have been busy, in fact just a few days afterwards dear Dad installed a new sink, disposal and Ice maker Installation Kit for Melissa and Karl's condo. Yes, numerous trips to the hardware store as standard requirement for these types of projects. (been there, done that!)

The professional photographer wedding pictures are in, and I've been going over these trying to pick out the best for the website. The photographer supplied the color negatives, and of which I've slowly been scanning several rolls per day. Unfortunately, my Epson RX500 was unable to power up from a previous day's faithful service, which required a drop off to the repair center. That still leaves four additional rolls once the RX500 is discharged from the epson hospital. The latest that were scanned are currently posted on Melissa and Karl's webpage.

Cody took second place in the beginning dog obedience school, which really surprised Pam and I. Don't for get to check out his diploma on the cody's corner webpage!

Cody's Corner and the Resource Links webpages have been updated for the month.

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