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Walker News - Update
July 31, 2005

Welcome to July Edition of the News

Hospital Epson, released the RX500 patient earlier this month and the negative scans are now completed! The remainder of the professional wedding pics, including selective shots from Shannon's camera and from the party camera are now posted for review at Melissa and Karl's wedding page. Plus, even scanned Dad and Delia's Cabo San Lucas pics, which are available from the link on the left.

Every morning Cody and I go out for a walk, but this friday we got an early start at 5:10am after I finished up my exercise routine (one mile treadmill/stationary bike, maybe 2-3 times a week?) and headed over to a park near our house. Cody and I were making our way out of the park and I heard the dog barking at the end house, and noticed the dog's owner on the back porch. That didn't seem to unusual, but all of sudden a critter zooms past Cody and I, maybe 50 fifty feet from us and stops to our left and lies down. Cody is excited, and wanting to head that way! Now, you have to understand it's early dawn and somewhat dark, but I finally make out the appearance and it's was a coyote!!! I told Cody, you don't want to mess with a him, or you could become his breakfast, and off to home we head!

Critters do roam around our neighborhood and plenty areas of sanctuary with the open fields and Buckely AFB just a few miles from where we live! In fact every morning at 7:30AM reveille plays followed up by the Star Spangled Banner which you can hear in our neighborhood from the base PA speakers.

July 23, 2005

Here we are, in a triple digit heat wave this third week of July! The desert heat is upon us, and it is a hot one!

Cody is back in class again! This past Thursday evening he was introduced to his classmates! This class is on socialization, and boy does he need it. So, who will he break? Stay tuned!

July 10, 2005

Started installing the south gate fence, this weekend along with trimming tree limbs! I should've skipped the tree limbs in the morning, while it was somewhat cool and worked on the fence instead. The heat was so bad yesterday afternoon that I to stop on the fence, and didn't resume until later in the evening. The flood lights were ablaze as I mixed concrete for the fence post into the night!

Cody sure gave me a scare one morning this week! Yes, the boy was so determined to go with Dad to work, that he was able sneak out of the garage that morning as I was backing up the car. But, I didn't notice his escape, until a block away I overheard a dog barking, and to my surprise, there's Cody pacing the car on the left!

July 4th, 2005

The long fourth of July holiday and Pam I enjoyed our visit to Utah. It was great to be able to spend time with Taylor for her birthday on July 1st. Check out her pics on Taylor's Corner. Pam enjoyed our stay so much that we had to turn around and go back! Yes, she discovered after fifty miles out that her purse was left at the coffee bar back at the Marriott TownPlace Suites in Layton where we had stayed. So much for getting an early start back to Denver that morning!

June 25, 2005

Today was a sad day for Pam's Mom, as she finally made the decision to put Button (her yorkie) down, because her health had become worse the past several months. Button will be missed by mom, as she provided that loving connection to our past.

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