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Walker News - Update
January 13, 2005

Yes, it was a bad one this week for Pam and her '94' Taurus. Let's just say it will be donated to cpr.org next week. The car appears to be fixable, but for someone else! So, with that mentioned a repeat of last years car hunting episode begins again.

The other news that we were informed of, latter in the day, and which sadden our hearts is that Pam's aunt Rusty had died Monday morning. Pam and her Mother Millie will be heading on out to Fountain Valley, CA on Friday to comfort her cousins. The task at hand this weekend, until Pams return on Sunday is keeping Cody in check.

The CES Highlights webpage is now available with additional pics and comments.

Walker News - Update
January 9, 2005

CES - Report
Attending the 2005 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas the past few days was interesting to say the least, with over 120,000 other folks makes for a jam packed event! Teaming up with Kathy and Pete we covered both the south halls 1-4 and the central exhibit areas. These halls are large almost requiring a GPS reciever just to keep track of your current location since you're always moving from one exhibit to the next. Typically you need to plan your route, since there is just way to much to see, and before you know it you start wandering around as each has it own cool gadget that gets your attention and...

The CES trip report will continue later, as we just got back from Vegas this evening, and I need to get ready for the new work week! -Steve

Walker News - Update
January 1, 2005

Wedding Annoucement
This first day of the New Year Pam and I are pleased to announced that our daughter Melissa is officially engaged. Karl, her boy friend now fiance proposed last night New Years eve. Today she came by the house to display her ring. The wedding date will be May 16, 2005.

CES - Las Vegas
Pam and I will team up with Kathy and Pete next week to tour the latest in high tech electronics. Look for the trip report on CES and Vegas later this month.


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