Walker News - Update
February 16, 2005

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The long California drive is over, and no problems with the grandma Buick car!

The camera's digital wedding pictures have been dumped onto my computer and I have created the following wedding picture highlights that you can review.


Walker News - Update
February 13, 2005

Dad's Wedding
Dad is Married! It was a blast meeting everyone! I wanted to get one movie clip posted on the website before Pam and I started our drive back to Denver this morning! More will be posted later!

A wedding movie(19MB download) Horn Player Part II

Walker News - Update
February 6, 2005

They become a part of the family after so many years, and it was a sad note for Pam as her old wounded '94' Taurus was finally towed away February 4th for donation. The "Tortoise" was how we referred to the old car as a play on words, but it was by no means slow, that award goes to Shannon's Festiva!

Since the demise of Pam's Tortoise, we began the car search thinking that the 05 Corolla automatic shouldn't be that much more than last years 04. WRONG! The best time to buy a new car is the last week of December, which we did for my 04 Corolla! But Oh, what a difference a year makes when you need to make an unplanned purchase, and on top of that in mid January with no incentives, or that's what were lead to believe? The 05 model had gone up another two grand! Twice, we walked away from the same dealership that we bought our 04 Corolla from, and surmised that the quarterback ran auto conglomerate, was in need of acquisition funds for yet another dealership, eatery or two, but not with my money!

Maybe we did get such a fantastic price thirteen months ago (yeah sure), but with our daughter's wedding expense, we needed to keep the finances in check and look for a less expensive car.

A Wedding and a Buick
What can I say, I'm referring to my Dad's upcoming wedding. Gina, my sister introduced Delia to Dad last June, and both of them are lonely no more! The lovebirds will tie the knot February 12th as the son, daughters. family and friends all attend this ceremony!

So, where does the Buick fit into the scheme of things your wondering? Hmm, good question, but it comes down to the math, when you combine two families you can only fit so many cars into the same garage. So, Dad and Delia realized the dilemma, and knowing our need offered the grandma car.

Pam and I look forward to our flight out on the 10th to spend a few days before the wedding with Dad and Delia. The wedding gives us the opportunity to meet all of the family and friends on this grand occasion!

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