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Walker News - Update
December 31, 2005

Welcome to December Edition of the News

The final update for the December 2005 edition

Christmas has passed and we are in the final hours of 2005. We wish everyone had a special and meaningful Christmas last Sunday, as we sure enjoyed our granddaughter and son's visit. I've included a few Christmas pictures of the family, plus be sure to review Taylor's Corner and Cody's December pics.

The WalkerNews December Christmas email distribution notice went awry last week, and some of our readers may not have received the notice. The problem was related to my web hosting service which filtered out (blocked) from sending any email with just one ".gov" recipient, since Thanksgiving. This also explains why no comments were made about November's edition, since that email notice was sent December 5th.

Thanksgiving weekend there was a flood of virus emails being generated with a spoofed header from cia.gv and fbi.gv (misspelled for mail transmission) and hence the reason. It appears only the email subject, without any message content may have been passed? The message echoed the same as the subject except it included a link to the website for our keyboard challenged readers who only know how to use a mouse. Hopefully, the subject was enough to peak the interest of a few readers that were able to enter the url in their browser address or location bar?

Happy New Year,

Steve & Pam

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Walker News - Update
December 20, 2005

The Christmas cards have been mailed and the December and Christmas Web Editions has been posted!

The outside Christmas lights were hung last Saturday on our Tennessee house and the Christmas tree decorated! Cody has already amused himself with a few holiday center pieces to Pam's chagrin! Last year he was a puppy, now as a teenager we can only imagine what mischievous things he'll be up to? Keep checking the website for the latest Cody's misadventures, or how the Grinch stole (our) Christmas (tree)?

This past sunday Pam and I attended our third annual trek with our church group to the Heritage Square Music Hall Holiday show "I'll Be Home for Christmas". The show's story line follows a USO performing group entertaining the troops during the Korean War. The cast was first rate and as always entertaining and funny!

This Christmas our granddaughter Taylor and son Shannon, will be visiting from Utah. Plus, we have Elizar visiting with us during the Christmas season.

That's about it for now and look forward to this week off and next. Keep checking the website as I'll keep adding updates

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year,

Steve & Pam

Cody meets Santa

Pam meets Santa

Millie's Holly
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