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Walker News - Update
April 27, 2005

Welcome to April Edition of the News

Busy at work, so I've been behind on the website! What can I say, a 63 hour work week does put a person behind! Now, with this weekend free I've been able to do some updating of the website.

This weekend was Melissa's wedding shower and what a bash it was. No, I was baby-sitting Cody trying to ensure no unexpected mess.

Pam was in Salt Lake this past week as Shannon had surgery to repair his cheekbone. He was attacked in his apartment the week before by an unknown intruder. He required ten stitches in his head and needed to have his cheekbone repositioned. We are grateful that he wasn't seriously hurt and that Taylor wasn't there. She was able to get some quality Grandma time in with Taylor for a few days. This afforded me an opportunity to be with Cody, who was not impressed that Pam was gone for the week. Cody is not allowed to roam around the house when we're at work, except for the kitchen area which has access via the pet door. But the boy was so determined:

Cody Video
Cody and the Gate (7MB download)

Last weekend April 15, 16, and 17th my free time was devoted to doing a major IP addressing scheme change out, that required over 100 of our unix servers(HPUX, AIX, LINUX), plus new switches were added into the mix. Since I'm the EMC CLARiiON SANman, I'm responsible for the storage area network and had to deregister 18 servers from Navisphere and their host name. Pretty straight forward, until the SP controller couldn't keep up and hung the K10 Governor, and a cold boot of the SP was a bust! Besides that, two of my SAN fiber switches didn't like the new network, and would auto reboot every two minutes. Now that's was when the panic really started to set in!!! Got the FE out and replaced the SP controller, and left the fiber switch off the new network and all was well, but these fun and games put us over six hours behind schedule!

Snowy weekend of April 9th and 10th:

Cody Videos
Cody and snow walking I (3MB download)

Cody and snow walking II (3MB download)

The Wedding Planner (Pam) has been busy the past several months and it looks like everything is coming together..

Cody's Corner has been updated!

Cody has been growing and demanding more! He's can be a terror at times!!!

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