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Welcome to our thirteenth year of publication on the web. The Web Christmas edition will use the same format as the snail mail version. Pam has written a year end synopsis of our family activities, and for those interested you can click on a monthly link and review further.

From our Family,
  to yours...

Wishing you a very
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year
            Steve & Pam Walker


We are hoping this letter finds you well and excited to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior!

This has been a strange and trying year, from condo fire, job losses, car accident, almost losing Pam's mom, to celebrations for a Kansas wedding, granddaughter's thirteenth and grandson's first. In all of it we know our God reigns!

The beginning of the year started out with our son, Shannon losing his job in Utah. We are very grateful that he found a new job within a month. The Daughterís condo caught fire in January and became uninhabitable for months as the kitchen area was gutted and remodeled. God was gracious in that no one was hurt, and was sold without being listed by the end of June.

Steve was notified the end of February, that his remote IT position would be eliminated after the last day of March as part of a reduction in workforce action. Severance was provided, which included outplacement services and career development training which he took advantage of during this time period. The lab he built-out last year has been put to good use, and has already passed a VMware certification. The challenge remains, and will continue pursuing additional certifications that will help develop his self-confidence and marketability as he continues his job search.

Three days later, on Good Friday, we totaled our Toyota on the way to meet our daughter for lunch. The accident was at a slow speed and still driveable, but at eleven years and 150,000 miles, insurance deemed the car not worthy of fixing.

We thank God that Pam's eye surgery went very well, and can see better than she could before, without glasses. The end of June we took our annual trip to Utah to celebrate our granddaughter Taylor's, 13th birthday. She is growing up so fast. The end of July, Pam's mom broke her left femur and was in rehab for about a month. The one positive of this event, that she was able to obtain a new brace that was comfortable and a good fit working with the orthotics, which in itself is a hugh praise.

Steve and I went to Palm Desert in mid-November for an early Thanksgiving, Christmas, and to celebrate Steveís birthday with his family. We stayed in their new house. It is beautiful! His two sisters and brother-in-law came in from Ridgecrest which was wonderful. We also went to Redondo Beach to visit a cousin and her family. She hosted a dinner that brought my cousin from Simi Valley and her daughter, daughter-in-law and two grandchildren. My how those babies had grown since last year!

While we were in California, Pam's mom went into heart failure, and thankfully her sister Diana was available to rush her over to ER and admitted into the cardiac wing of Medical Center of Aurora. She received excellent care, but was told we almost lost her as she had a large amount fluid built up around her heart. Mom is back home now and getting stronger every day.

Thanksgiving was celebrated at Mom's house, as the weather was snowy and cold. Family members bought food dishes, as we had small gathering of nine, and a lot to be grateful for.

Christmas will be very fulfilling this year as Shannon and Taylor are flying in on the 19th, my nephew, wife and baby are coming in on the 22nd. And, of course, Melissa, Karl and Grayson will be here this year. We had hoped my niece and her husband would be able to come from Tulsa, but he just lost his job so things are up in the air there. Christmas dinner will be at our house with a count of at least seventeen. I've have been busy preparing and baking the goodies, but keeping a watchful look out as Steve and Mylo tag team, trying to sneak in a few cookies while I'm not looking.

Mylo keeps us entertained. He is a busy little guy most of the time, and we try to walk him twice a day. He still hasnít passed his CGC test. The training still continues, as we work with him not to jump on people or lung at passing dogs on our walks.

From our family to yours, have a wonderful and blessed Christmas and Happy New Year

Steve & Pam Walker




















Trumpet Christmas by Ed Walker
Recorded November 19, 2015 - Palm Desert, California

I'll Be Home for Christmas

Winter Wonderland

Trumpet Silent Night by Ed Walker
Recorded December 24, 2010 - Palm Desert, California

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