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Welcome to our eleventh year of publication on the web. The Web Christmas edition will use the same format as the snail mail version. Pam has written a year end synopsis of our family activities, and for those interested you can click on a monthly link and review further.

From our Family,
  to yours...

Wishing you a very
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year
            Steve & Pam Walker


We are hoping this letter finds you well and excited to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior!

We both had the typical January, February and March. In April, Pam went on her first womenís retreat since our small church folded. She had a wonderful time, but came home to find that our beloved Cody was very sick.

Cody spent 24 hours at Alameda East Animal Hospital and passed away on April 16th. We were both devastated. We had plans to leave on a cruise on the 19th to have a belated 40th anniversary celebration and were very torn whether we should go. On the advice of family and friends, we decided to go ahead and get away. We went on the Princess line and even got upgraded to a balcony cabin.

We had a fairly good time considering the circumstances, but it was hard to come home to an empty house. In May, Pamís mom had her second knee replacement, which went really well. We also had company from New Jersey which helped with the quietness in our house.

In July, we took our annual trip to Utah for Taylorís birthday. She turned eleven this year and is growing up quickly. In August, we flew to California to surprise Steveís dad for his 80th birthday. We were joined by our daughter, son and granddaughter. Dadís twin brothers were there as well as Deliaís four of the five daughters and some of their children. Both of Steveís sisters were there as well as his niece. We had a wonderful time and dad was very surprised.

In September, Steve and I drove to Kansas to visit more of his family. We hadnít been there since his grandmother passed away. We surprised his one uncle with a visit and see the twins again. We were also able to visit with some of Steveís cousins which was so nice.

In November, we attended the Veterans Salute at Lowry. This is the second time Steve has been able to go. This yearís focus was on the Korean War. They really put a lot into these functions and I always come away with a deeper respect for our veterans. After we got back, Steve and I picked up our new puppy.

His name is Mylo and he is a pure bred Jack Russell. We waited six months after Cody. It feels strange to have a dog in the house again and we know we can never replace Cody, he was a one of a kind. We love Mylo greatly though and know he will fill our home with much joy and laughter. He is being stubborn on the potty training but does do well with the sit stay and we are now working on the come command.


We will start puppy school with him the end of January. I (Pam) have hopes to use him for pet therapy at hospitals and rehab centers. He loves to rough house with Steve and cuddle with mommy in the mornings.

Mid November Pamís mom fell and broke her femur. As of now she is in rehab recovering. She cannot put any weight on the leg until mid-January. We had a home assessment done today and the therapists feel she will be able to go home by Christmas, but will need to have someone stay at home with her, which I can do during the day and my sister can stay in the evenings. This has to be until she can be more mobile in a walker and can put some weight on the leg.

We are all blessed to have jobs this year. Steveís is ever so stressful as they changed his department. He is the only one here in Colorado, the rest are based in Atlanta. He is challenged to stay visible with his team being so far away. Karl and Melissa are doing well in their jobs. Melissa is hoping to change departments so she has a better chance for advancement in her career. Shannon finally got a regular job and really loves it. They are being very understanding about him coming home for Christmas. He is still doing some free-lance work to make ends meet.

Christmas will be extra nice this year. Our kids will be here as well as our granddaughter, my nieces and nephews, spouses and one great niece. I believe we will only be missing on great niece and one great nephew this year. We are also excited about a new family member that will join us sometime next summer as my nephew, David, and his wife, Michelle, are expecting a baby.

I am currently doing my baking and getting excited to host a table at our churchís annual Christmas Tea on December 14th.

We are praying that each one of you will have a wonderful and blessed Christmas and Happy New Year

Steve & Pam Walker




















Trumpet Silent Night by Ed Walker
Recorded December 24, 2010 - Palm Desert, California

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