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Welcome to our tenth year of publication on the web. The Web Christmas edition will use the same format as the snail mail version. Pam has written a year end synopsis of our family activities, and for those interested you can click on a monthly link and review further.

From our Family,
  to yours...

Wishing you a very
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year
            Steve & Pam Walker


We are hoping this letter finds you well and excited to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior!

We both had the typical January, February and March. In April, my mom and I (Pam) went on a Mystery Trip. They ended up in Alamosa, seeing the Sand Dunes and then ended by taking the Royal Gorge train and having lunch. I treasures these times that I get to spend with my mom.

Two days after we got back, I had my right knee replaced. The surgery and therapy went surprisingly smooth. I was driving after 5 weeks and started my regular routine shortly afterward.

In August, Steve and I drove to Utah to visit our son and granddaughter. We went to Lagoon Park and school clothes shopping. This time, however, we were allowed to bring Taylor back home with us! She spent five days here, getting to know all of us better. We went to Water World with our great niece, and on the last day, drove up to Dillon Reservoir to celebrate Pam's mom's birthday with a barbeque and of course white cake. The kids had a blast eating and playing in the lake. The dogs thought everything was planned for them. The only drawback of the whole visit was actually when we arrived home with Taylor, we had discovered that our home had been broken into and needed to have the police out. Our back door had been severely damaged, but the only thing that was taken was the majority of Pam's jewelry. We are grateful that it was just things and nobody got hurt. The insurance company was great and settled the claim quickly.

October found Pam, Steve and daughter Melissa participating in their 3rd annual Komen Walk for breast cancer. We do this in honor of Steve's mother and grandmother, who were breast cancer survivors. The next day, I had my left knee replaced. This one did not go as smoothly as I have terrible veins in the leg which makes bending and straightening a little harder. Therapy has been slow going but I am diligent in doing all of my exercises so I can get up and moving. I am driving and back to volunteering and working.

November 4th was our 40th wedding anniversary. Since I was still recovering from surgery, we just celebrated by going to Bonefish Grill. We had an awesome meal, compliments of our daughter and son-in-law, who gave us a gift card so we could go. The restaurant treated us to chocolate covered strawberries to mark the occasion. We are hoping to celebrate properly next year sometime in April on a cruise.

The end of November brought Pam, her mom, sister, Valarie and great-niece Cameron to Texas for the wedding of Valarie's son, David. They had a wonderful time celebrating this wonderful occasion with their friends and family members. We also were blessed to witness David getting awarded his Captain bars at the reception.

The second week of December we fly out to Palm Desert, California and surprised Steve's sister Gina for a special birthday celebration. The five days we stayed were special as we and celebrated Christmas early with all of Steve's family.

On December 10, Pam's mom had her first knee replacement

Melissa and Karl are doing well and are both employed at the same company, just in different departments and locations. Shannon is currently unemployed but has a steady income of contract graphic arts jobs. We are praying for a permanent job with benefits so he can move into his own apartment. He loves being a dad to his daughter, Taylor and spending time with her.

Steve is constantly busy at work. They are preparing to move the data center to Atlanta which involves a lot of prep work. Steve has been working long hours and has had a hard time taking time off. He did have a short business trip to Atlanta earlier in the year to meet with other team members that are involved in the data center move.

Christmas will be quieter this year. Our kids will be out of town, and we don't think any other family members are planning to come here either. Our hope is to keep the meaning of Christmas in our hearts and share the news of His perfect gift to others.

We are praying that each one of you will have a wonderful and blessed Christmas and Happy New Year

Steve & Pam Walker




















Trumpet Silent Night by Ed Walker
Recorded December 24, 2010 - Palm Desert, California

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