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Welcome to our seventh year of publication on the web. The Web Christmas edition will use the same format as the snail mail version. Pam has written a year end synopsis of our family activities, and for those interested you can click on a monthly link and review further.

From our Family,
  to yours...

Wishing you a very
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year
            Steve & Pam Walker


"Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth." Psalm 46:10

This verse has had special meaning to our family this year. We have been constantly reminded that God is in control and He loves us with an unending love. We have a lot to be grateful for and are in awe of our mighty God.

This year started out with some challenges for Pam's mom. It seems that during her hip replacement surgery last December, the doctor nicked a nerve. Her leg became paralyzed. After extensive therapy, she is able to get around but still has numbness in the leg. The hip joint itself healed very nicely though. There are days that she still gets frustrated about some of her physical limitations, but has handled this life change with grace and dignity.

In February (the 16th to be exact) things changed for us as well. Pam and Shannon ended up having surgery that day, one in Colorado and one in Utah. Pam's retina detached again in the right eye and Shannon got a serious staph infection in his leg and had to have the rod, pins and skin graft removed.

Shannon almost lost his leg but thanks to a multitude of prayers and the skilled surgeons, he is walking again after having another huge surgery in April to put in a new rod, pins and do a bone and skin graft. He also got a new job in August doing web design for Overstock.com which is a huge answer to prayer. This still has not turned his heart towards God, but we are certain that God is working in his life.

The outcome for Pam was not as good. After several surgeries, she has been told her vision will not return in the eye. There is talk of one more huge surgery that will remove the cataract lens, clean up the blood, oil and membranes and insert a buckle around the retina to keep the eye viable. This won't be done until after the first of the year so much prayer will be needed then. Pam is adapting well to monocular vision and even began driving in August. This trial has enabled us to grow closer to each other and God. This was also a good therapy time for Pam's mom as she had to drive her to all of the doctor's appointments and the store. God's perfect timing again, Pam was her mom's legs and her mom was her eyes!!

On the positive side of life, we were able to fly to West Point in May and proudly watch our nephew graduate and become commissioned as an officer of the US Army. We have never witnessed anything so grand before. Afterwards, we were able to spend a few days with friends in New Jersey and visit the Statue of Liberty and then spend some one on one time in Hershey, PA at a B & B.

We also went to see Taylor for her 7th birthday and got to spend the 4th of July with her and see the fireworks (our first time for that pleasure). Pam went again to Utah in August to have her one on one time with Taylor. This time, they worked on a family tree collage, which Taylor really enjoyed.

We recently came back from a visit to Palm Desert, CA to spend time with Steve's Dad and wife. We went for Steve's birthday and stayed through Thanksgiving. We got to know four out of the five of Delia's (Steve's step-mom) daughter's, their husbands and kids. We had a wonderful time and definitely enjoyed the warm weather and palm trees. They pampered us like crazy which is a novelty for us. We are definitely missing the warmer weather as it has been quite chilly here in CO since we got back!

Melissa and Karl are doing well and will celebrate their 5th anniversary next May. Melissa is still working for Denver Options but in a new department. She travels more with clients in Alamosa, Pueblo and Colorado Springs. Karl lost his job in July but is actively looking for a new one and possibly getting some training for a new field of work. They are trusting God to direct their paths.

Again, we are grateful for Steve's job with McKesson. Healthcare is the place to be, but still know that there is no job security nowadays. McKesson is benefiting from the stimulus package our president handed out. They are h elping implement the electronic patient records, bar coding, etc. Steve stays very busy at work and complains that there's never enough hours in the day to get things done. He still updates his web page at www.steveawalker.net, so if you want detailed information on our year, you can come back to this page for the month family updates.

We have been blessed to be able to help out a woman from Pam's old work and her son. They have been staying here since the end of September until they find a new place to live. We were informed today that the son found an apartment and will move next weekend. The mom put an offer on a condo which was accepted and thinks she will move mid-January. It was nice to be able to use the extra space we have to help someone in need.

We are very much looking forward to having Shannon and Taylor here in Colorado this year for Christmas. They will fly in on the 21st and leave the 26th. Melissa and Karl will be here this year and the meal will be held at our house. Pam has already started her holiday baking and decorating the house. Hopefully the tree is up this week.

We are praying that each one of you will have a wonderful and blessed Christmas and Happy New Year

Steve & Pam Walker




















In Memoriam 2009

Jim Walker - December

Merry Christmas
I love you all dearly,
Now don't shed a tear,
I'm spending my Christmas
with Jesus this year.

From Heaven

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