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Welcome to the second web based edition of the Walker News!

December activities have been busy as I've been composing this web edition, along with maintaining an average of over 50 hour work weeks besides honey do's! As you've noticed some of the links are dead, since I haven't designed and implemented the pages. But stay tuned, the web site will continue to be redesigned as I go, and depends upon how many cycles that I can devote to updating and improving the site. The website looks better with Firefox, but since everyone else has been assimulated by the MS IE Collective, I've tried to ensure it looks so-so.

Additional help was provided by Shannon, on web design and flash animation ideas! Broadband users can check out his flash video based website at http://www.multimediaartist.net (not recommended for dial up users)

The Christmas cards have been sent, and if your hitting this site for the first time and wondering why the snail mail edition has the pretty pics and the website doesn't, please refer above on "cycles".

Last December 30th the car search ended as Pam and I settled on a new Toyota Corolla. Fourteen years and some 187,000 miles later the old 1990 Ford Festiva was turned over to Shannon.

The last weekend in February Taylor was able to visit along with her Mom and Grandmother. The first day of March, the grandmothers along with Taylor’s Mom and Dad stopped by the McKesson office for co-worker introductions and lunch with my granddaughter.

The last week of April, Pam and I flew out to Vegas for a few days, and I had to take in the new Borg Invasion 4-D attraction at the Las Vegas Hilton. The vacation also included driving the rental car into Ridgecrest. Pam and I enjoyed our visit with Dad, Kathy and Pete and especially the Indian Wells Brewery. The Sidewinder Missile Ale is a favorite.

The later part of May, Shannon, Pam and Steve were in Ogden, Utah. Taylor enjoyed feeding the ducks near Jack and Linda’s. The last day of the month Aunt Rusty and her daughters were in town to celebrate Memorial Day with us.

The position I hold at work occasionally requires availability for third tier AIX server support issues for our hospital clients. The early morning hours of June 12th, I found myself involved in a production server down. The server issues were resolved, but Steve’s lack of sleep didn’t deter his enjoyment of a train ride with Pam when we rode on the Leadville, Colorado Southern Railroad. The mountains were beautiful that day and the weather was ideal for our train-ride.

Father’s day Shannon got an unexpected surprise! Taylor’s grandparents were in town, and he was able to spend time with his daughter on this special day together for the first time.

The big kitchen tile project began the end of July and continued into mid-August. This entailed removing the old linoleum floor right down to the plywood and adding underlayment. Besides the tile job, additional work was required to install a new dishwasher.

The only business trip this year was a weekend AIX system upgrade in the early morning hours of August 15th for Wellmont hospital in Kingsport Tennessee. The only note worthy comment of this trip, was during my departure on Monday from the Tri-Cities Regional Airport, a B29 bomber named Fifi from the Commemorative Air Force buzzed the concourse making it’s grand appearance for the up coming air show later in the week. But what I found interesting about this B29 Superfort, that it had been parked for 17 years at China Lake.

Shannon decided to move back to Salt Lake the Thursday of Labor Day weekend, with the assistance of his Dad at the wheel of the Budget rental truck towing his Festiva! A big thank you goes to Shannon’s friends; Ronnie, Stephanie, Dustin, Aaron and Brad for meeting Shannon and his Dad at the Sunnyvale apartment to help unload the truck. This afforded the opportunity for this grandpa to some time with his grand daughter, Taylor, on Friday as we had fun watching Shannon unpack.
But my stay was short, and the eastward bound train number six, also known as the California Zephyr, was five hours late. This was my first Amtrak experience, but finally after twenty hours, my daughter’s scheduled evening dinner turned into a 2 am Sunday breakfast instead!

Pam was no where to be found, as she and her mom were driving to California during the time period Shannon and I were spending quality time, to visit aunt Rusty and Cousins. They enjoyed touring California with a visit to Solvang the Danish Capital of America, Morro Bay and Cambria (their personal favorite). They decided to come home via Utah so they could get their baby fix. They had a good time visiting Jack & Linda, and spoiling Taylor for a day!

Pam, her mom and sister Diana were in Oklahoma to help move Valarie back to Denver, the first part of October. Valarie’s job transferred her here which fit perfectly into her plans of moving back to Colorado to be near family.

Three days after Steve and Pam celebrated their 32nd anniversary, and as a joint gift to each other we adopted a Jack Russell puppy on November 7th and we named him “Cody”, that a co-worker at Steve’s office was giving away. Cody was born September 10 and was ready to move in. He has already worked his way into our hearts.

November 23rd our niece Amanda was married in a beautiful ceremony at the Crystal Rose to Jeff Maize. We are glad to add Jeff to our family.
Pam hosted Thanksgiving this year. The family attendance was low do to the newlyweds being away. We managed to stuff ourselves anyway and enjoy the time with family.

December is the time to ring the Christmas Bells. No, we didn't ring the bells but we did attend the Arvada Center Chorale with the Rocky Mountain Ringers on the 11th and thanks to Alyn, everyone stayed in tune!

Winter artic air moved into the Denver area on this cold 23rd of December, but that didn't deter us from attending the Radio City Christmas Spectacular at the Temple Buell Theatre. The word "Spectacular" fits this fine presentation of the Rockettes and a Christmas Carol.