Merry Christmas


Happy New Year

Walker NEWS


Family Edition

SAW Publications                                                                                 VOL. 52 NO. 2 ISSUE 17 DECEMBER 03


Welcome to the holiday edition of the Walker News. This year has been more difficult with life’s ups and downs!


January, Melissa’s kitchen floor had a make over with new ceramic tile with help from her Dad and grandfather. Plus Grandpa Walker was a bonus since he was able to install her new dishwasher! The practice from Januarys tile job, ensured that the correct depth of grout was applied, when Steve’s undertook his master bedroom floor. Dad’s original recommendations were modified to avoid the mistakes that can be seen on Melissa. Plus Steve learned when loading the underlayment into the car, you must aim carefully or you will miss and take out a tail light lens! But, was easily replaced with a trip to the local pick and pull junkyard! 




Pam turned a half-century on February 1st, and her sister Valarie was in to celebrate with her!


The 19th of March will be remembered as a back breaker. That day 23 inches of snow was dumped on the Denver metro area.




The end of April our son was notified that he has a daughter named Taylor Dawn, which means that Pam and I are officially grandparents.






Shannon moves back home from Salt Lake this May with the assistance of his mother at the wheel of the rental truck (she’s getting very proficient in this arena). Pam had the opportunity for the first time to meet with her grand daughter while in Salt Lake.

Pam and I took off the last two weeks of May for our vacation and flew into Las Vegas, rented a car and drove to Ridgecrest California to visit Kathy & Pete. That evening we previewed Dad’s new home for the first time. The next day Pete was our expert in all things desert, and as foremost backset guide, navigated us to the lowest point of Death Valley to a short stop at the Furnace Creek Inn & Ranch Resort and to tour Scotty’s Castle.

The vacation continued on into San Diego, where Pam and spent a few day’s relaxing. Yes, we did visit the Zoo and we did not miss the panda exhibit. Aunt Rusty put out the vacancy sign and we enjoyed her hospitality and the guided tour of San Monica and Pier

The vacation ended back in Las Vegas, with a stay at the Las Vegas Hilton and the tour of the Star Trek Experience. The Experience had changed since my 98 visit, but look forward to next years Borg Invasion 4-D attraction!

This month also began Pam’s semi-retirement and is now doing bookkeeping from home.



The first day of June my mother, Doris, took a turn for the worse and was admitted to University of Colorado Hospital. She had been battling chronic pain for years, which presented numerous health issues, and Dad was at her side constantly, along with the rest of the family members.

During this time period we continued helping Dad pack his household goods for the up coming Ridgecrest move.  The move plans, were coming together as Pete added to our manpower the last week of June.

The last weekend of June, Taylor and her mother Kimberly along with Grandmother Debbie drove to Denver to celebrate Taylor’s first birthday with her father, Shannon and the other members of her extended family. Taylor was introduced to the family with love, meeting her great grand mother’s and grandfather for the first time! So, between Taylor’s early birthday party, dinner, and Denver Zoo day, we all enjoyed the opportunity afforded to us by the LaRue family for making the trip.

Mother stabilized after thirty days, and was air medical transported to the Kindred Hospital-Ontario facility in California on June 30th.



The truck and motor home were loaded and Dad and Pete were on their way to Ridgecrest that first week in July!

The 11th of July, my mother, Doris, was called home to be in the presence of our Lord and Savoir, Jesus Christ. No, more tears, pain or sorrow and is now home in the loving arms of our real father. The relief from her long-term pain was celebrated by her family who were in attendance for the Memorial service in Ridgecrest.


The later part of July, the final move of Dads Denver home was completed as the moving van pulled away on July 28th, ending thirty years of memories.


September 12th Dad, Kathy and Pete were in from California, and the next day we joined the caravan and headed east toward Kansas, destination Lyons, to visit grandma Helen and family.






Pam and her Mom were in Oklahoma visiting her sister Valarie and family on their annual trek.

Pam and I took a four day long weekend and drove to Salt Lake on the 24th and visited that Friday evening with Jack and Linda. The next day we drove north to Ogden and spent time with our grand daughter Taylor Dawn. First things first, we headed to Wal-Mart for a photo shoot that morning and lunch at Denny’s where she passed the ketchup test, and knew she was part of the family! 

Lunch completed, we headed downtown and checked into our room at the Marriott.  So, what’s a grandparent to do in a small confined area, it’s called “Toys“, and that was the first item to be unloaded from the car! Once the toy phased passed, into the stroller to see what downtown Ogden has to offer? Not far from our hotel, we came across a park where, officer Ron Gardiner of the Ogden City Horse Patrol introduced us to Sundance, beautiful buckskin, Quarterhorse gelding, and demonstrated their dancing routine for Taylor and her grandparents!

The next day with the LaRue family, we drove up to the Snowbird ski lift that afternoon with Kimberly parents, including the great grand parents. That evening we all had dinner with the family to end our visit with Taylor. Our thanks and gratitude goes out to the LaRue family for their warm hospitality.

Pam graduated from Crown Financial as a certified budget counselor; she’s hoping to do a new ministry in our new church.



David Sanders, an old  Co-worker and his wife Mary were in town for a few days the third week in November. This gave us the opportunity to show some good old cow town Colorado hospitality! Yes, it had been three years since our road trip to Huntsville Alabama, and Pam and I really wanted to make a good impression about what makes Denver and the Rocky Mountains so unique! But things didn’t work out the way we wanted. The tour guide was willing, but the Taurus water pump was not! This required Mary to expand her knowledge of the Denver freeway system, in order to retrieve her tour guide. The next day we were able to enjoy the evening dinner but a winter snowstorm curtailed Saturday’s plans somewhat but was able to tour the Butterfly Pavilion.


I completed the second CATE requirements in November by successfully passing the AIX System Performance and Tuning proficiency exam. The cert route will continue as the competition requires that I stay knowledgeable each year!

Pam out did herself again as the Thanksgiving dinner was a success!




Now were into December, and work has been very busy as always. Currently I’m in the process if doing a car search and need to replace the old Ford Festiva (aka Kia) after fourteen years of dependable service and excellent gas mileage!

Just sing us a carol, if you’re in the area this holiday season.

A Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year!