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Welcome to our sixteenth year of publication on the web and 32nd Issue. The Web Christmas edition will use the same format as the snail mail version except for the monthly web editions. Pam has written a year end synopsis of our family activities, and for those interested you can click on a monthly link, and Mylo's corner link for the selected month will be available.

From our Family,
  to yours...

Wishing you a very
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year
            Steve & Pam Walker


We are hoping this letter finds you well and excited to celebrate the best gift, the birth of our Lord and Savior!

The beginning of the New Year saw me again preparing the tax forms for a few of my clients. I haven't picked up any new clients this year and may consider retiring soon.

February brought me into the Medicare age! Now our health insurance is cheaper. Yay!

We were blessed by a client of mine in March. Steve's Dads old 1995 Buick LeSabre required another round of repairs, as we wondered aloud to my client, if we should be putting more money into this 23 year old car? The mileage was high, and would longer use for those long road trips.

My client "just so happened" to have a 2014 Buick LaCrosse, with low mileage that he inherited from his Dad, and was anxious to get rid of it. The price was such, that we couldn't turn it down. The LaCrosse is definitely well appointed, along with additional newer safety features, that we now consider more important now, to protect all who ride with us, besides our grandson. We sold our old Buick without advertising it. We never dreamed that we could own another Buick. God is truly awesome!!

May brought us a visit from Steve's sister, Kathy and brother-in-law, Pete. They hadn't been here in years. Our plan was to do the Durango/Silverton train ride but had to be cancelled due to the forest fires. We were all quite disappointed but managed to have a good visit any way.

Shannon, Taylor and friend Sammy drove in from Utah in June. We did an early 16 year old birthday celebration for Taylor while they were here. I have no idea where the time goes. She now has her driver's license which really boggles my mind.

Grayson started pre-school in August and is doing wonderfully there. His vocabulary has greatly improved and speaks in full sentences now. He turned four in November and is such a delight. We still watch him one day a week and take him to pre-school three days a week.

Steve has been doing some small contract jobs this year. His big project has been installing a security camera system for our daughter and son-in-law the past few weeks.

Steve and I drove to California in September. We were gone for two weeks and I'm sure I have the Buick logo imprinted on me somewhere. We got to see many people on our road trip, starting with an ex-coworker of Steve's in Nevada and ending with a visit to our son's in Utah (disappointed that we didn't get to see Taylor then). We stayed with Steve's Dad in Palm Desert for three days, visited a friend in LA for lunch, stayed with my cousins in Redondo Beach for two days (had dinner on the pier), visited Steve's sisters in Ridgecrest two days (saw the Pinnacles) and ended with a visit with Steve's aunt in Vacaville for two days (she took us to Napa Valley). A drive through Lake Tahoe and a stay in Reno completed the bucket list for this time around. September close out for the last day was our annual Komen Breast Cancer Walk, Race for the Cure.

In October, we were blessed with free train tickets for the Georgetown loop. We took Grayson and had a wonderful time. The conductor admired Grayson's engineer hat but commented that something was missing. He proceeded to let Grayson pick a pin from his own hat to put on his. How great is that? Building these memories is such a privilege.

Shannon flew here for Thanksgiving by himself. Taylor was working and couldn't come. We had ten people here for the holiday.

As I write this Christmas newsletter, I've been recuperating from hammer toe surgery. The pain had been on going since August and tried many other treatments before opting for surgery. I haven't been in too much pain and will get the stitches out the week before Christmas and the pin out sometime after that. Coincidentally, Shannon had bone spur surgery the week after mine. He is doing well also. We both are wearing ugly shoes and using a lot of ice. The toes won't look pretty but they won't be painful any more.

Since this Christmas will be a very small get together, myself, Steve along with my two sisters and Mom, we thought we'd throw a Walker Wassail Wingding this year. A casual affair with finger foods and drinks. We are looking forward to it.

My mom is still living on her own and is a marvel to us all. We are blessed to be able to have more time with her.

Mylo is Mylo. He is very jealous of Grayson and doesn't like sharing his daddy with him.

From our family to yours,
Have a wonderful and blessed
Christmas and Happy New Year

Steve & Pam Walker




















Trumpet Christmas by Ed Walker
Recorded November 19, 2015 - Palm Desert, California

I'll Be Home for Christmas

Winter Wonderland

Trumpet Silent Night by Ed Walker
Recorded December 24, 2010 - Palm Desert, California

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